ALSO NOTED: Congress expands opioid program; OR considers universal health plan; and much more...

> Congress has passed a new law allowing doctors to treat up to 100 patients for opioid dependence using FDA-approved medication. Release

> Oregon legislators draft a new universal health care plan for the state, intended for approval in 2007. Article

> Doctors who approve patient prescriptions for Internet pharmacies, sight unseen, are beginning to face serious legal challenges. Article

> A Concord, NH-based hospital funds a community health clinic, used to train young physicians as well as offering preventative care that reduces the need for higher-cost emergency treatment. Article

> A physician muses on the difference between medical "grains of truth" and evidence-based medicine. Blog

> MN awards $1.5M in HIT development grants. Report

> Case study: Nurses drive MSHA EMR project. Report

> Firm offers mobile disease management platform. Report

> EMR use triples osteoporosis screening rate. Report

And Finally… Oh, Lord. A neuropsychiatrist is officially arguing that because of my gender, I'm wired for extreme chattiness, gossip and group trips to the little girl's room. Hey, I thought I was wired for all-night Civilization III sessions, but if the experts say otherwise… Article