ALSO NOTED: Bush praises Indian-American physicians; Kennedy says evidence links mercury in vaccines with autism; and....much m

> Vietnam reported that an outbreak of the bird flu appears to be widening. Story

>  Robert F. Kennedy jr. has authored an investigative piece which alleges a government and pharmaceutical cover-up of a connection between the mercury based vaccine preservative thimerosal and childhood autism. Story

> President Bush praised Indian-American physicians, who met this weekend in Houston for their annual convention. Under-fire House majority leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) was the keynote speaker. Story

> The spending increase on prescription drugs slowed to a mere 10.7% in 2003.  While that is still four times the inflation rate, it was 14.9% in 2002. Story

> Health officials continue to follow the trail of Massachusetts doctor with TB who worked at four hospitals in the Boston area.  Story

> A tobacco company exec's charitable gifts to two Connecticut hospitals are questioned. Story

> A former HCA hospital site in San Jose, CA may be the spot for a new urgent care clinic. Story

AND FINALLY: For those men out there thinking of getting a "boost," using synthetic testosterone may enhance the way you feel, but it kills your sperm count. Story