ALSO NOTED: Baylor partners with retail clinic operator; Minneapolis employers to offer quality data; and much more...

>  Like several other healthcare systems, Dallas-based Baylor Health Care System has partnered with a retail clinic operator, MedBasics, to offer physician oversight for the clinics. Report

> Several large employers, including Accenture, General Mills and 3M, came together this week to promise that they'll collect (and share) healthcare quality information. Report

> The AARP has come out in favor of a new bill which would speed the development and release of generic biologic drugs. Article

> Also on the drug front: it appears that the drug-resistant infections acquired in hospitals have created an explosive market for antibacterials. Article

> Researchers for Scripps Research Institute and Eli Lilly have found that a compound called MTIP blocks a brain chemical, triggering a response that can stop excessive drinking, reduce the effects of a hangover and prevent relapses. Report

> Hot nanoprobes used to slow tumor growth in animals. Report

And Finally...  If you weren't sure how to treat victims of a "radiation incident," you will be now. Article