ALSO NOTED: Australians win Nobel Prize in Medicine;Hospital CEOs optimistic, cautious; and much more...

> The Nobel Prize in Medicine has been awarded to a pair of Australian researchers who discovered that the bacterium Helicobacter pylori--not stress--is responsible for most ulcers. Article

> A new Deloitte survey finds hospital CEOs to be "guardedly optimistic" about their financial future. Release

> In Toronto there is concern after five patients at a nursing home have died from a mysterious respiratory ailment. SARS has been ruled out. Article

> The proposed merger of Baylor Medical Center and St. Luke's in Houston has been called off. Article

> Naturally occurring tulemeria bacteria is suspected in triggering a series of biosensors alarms during last week's anti-war protests in Washington, DC. Article

> Despite mixed reviews, some doctors are experimenting with annual fees similar to those charged by "concierge practices." Article

Commentary: A Florida doctor has suggestions on how hospitals should respond to the shortcomings highlighted by Katrina. Op-Ed

> Faced with staffing shortages, some hospitals are shifting to a more proactive, "people-driven" approach toward hiring and recruitment. Report (Wall Street Journal sub. req.)

> Vermont has agreed to a deal with Washington to cap the state's Medicaid spending. Article

> Hospitals in Houston warn that preparations for Hurricane Rita are likely to have seriously impacted their financial performance. Article

> Chutes & Ladders: Health plan technology service company AboveHealth named Joseph Lacaria Vice President of Client Services. Release

And Finally... Warren Beatty's speech to the California Nurses Association drew a huge response last week, fueling rumors that he may decide to run against Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Article