Allviant Co-Founder Jared Crapo to Present at Health 2.0 Conference

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Technology innovator Allviant, Corp. announced today that Jared Crapo, a company co-founder, is scheduled to present at this week's Health 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. Selected as one of only ten companies to be on stage during the historically standing-room-only "Launch" session on October 7th, Allviant will introduce its CarePassTM technology, the first un-tethered, smart technology that provides an integrated healthcare consumer experience by putting the consumer in the center, and in charge, of their own service relationship universe.

In 2007, Consumer Reports examined top consumer healthcare complaints and discovered that the key issues were related to customer service as opposed to care. The chief criticisms included wait times, appointment availability, test result notification and phone response. To fulfill that customer experience gap, Allviant developed its Service Relationship Management (SRM) platform to put people in control of their healthcare relationships by connecting and sensibly integrating multiple relationships for relevant, on-the-fly information and action.

CarePass, the first service to be introduced on Allviant's SRM platform, includes capabilities such as remote appointment check-in, preventive reminders like flu / H1N1 vaccinations, health savings account and benefit status, corporate wellness program prompts and registration, plus an array of other information. The result is unification of unrelated communications and transactions from numerous service providers and ongoing encouragement for consumers to take appropriate actions - all according to a consumer's unique communications preferences.

The patent-pending, cloud-hosted CarePass technology benefits consumers by delivering two-way information and actions through whatever channels or combinations they wish - phone, email, and text messaging - without reliance on a destination website or application. Allviant's CarePass technology also enables employers, payors and other service providers to better target and communicate with their populations while protecting, and enhancing, their brand.

"Consumers have come to expect simple, convenient ways of managing so many things in their lives. Healthcare just hasn't gotten there yet. More and more, the responsibility of healthcare - both in cost and in action - is being driven down to the consumer, yet there just haven't been the tools available to make the ‘system' as simple and understandable as modern-day financial management," said Crapo. "Imagine how many more people would proactively manage their healthcare if it was quick, easy and convenient. That truly is the key to health."

About Allviant

Allviant is the developer of the first-ever, consumer-centric tools and network for healthcare called CarePassTM. CarePass is a technology-enabled service that gives consumers a new method of access, convenience and control by connecting existing healthcare information systems and administrative data though a personally-defined set of communication mediums and methods - from phone to text to email or fax. The opposite of customer relationship management (CRM), this Service Relationship Management technology empowers the customer to determine when and how they want to interact with service providers across their unique array of relationships, making a disconnected healthcare world painless and saving time, money and frustration for everyone. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter: