Aetna expands P4P program

Apparently happy with its existing results, Aetna has set plans to include more providers in its pay-for-performance program, expanding it out to family practice and internal medicine physicians based in Washington state. It already offers the program in Cincinnati, Atlanta, Louisville, Ky., Maryland, Washington, DC and northern Virginia. Aetna's P4P program bases its standards on guidelines from the NCQA, American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association and American Stroke Association.

Like several other insurers, Aetna licenses its program from Bridges to Excellence, an independent non-profit backed by a group of large employers. As of mid-2006, the non-profit had handed out more than $4.7 million in incentive payments to physicians in five U.S. markets. Other health plans licensing the Bridges to Excellence framework include CareFirst BCBS, Cigna, Humana, Kaiser Permanente and United Healthcare. Employers backing the Bridges program include several giant U.S. companies, including 3M, AstraZeneca, General Electric, P&G and Marriott International.

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