Aegis Health Group Offers Hospitals Seven Tips to Enhancing Physician Trust

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As the tenets of the Affordable Care Act take hold, it’s clearer than ever that hospitals and physicians need to work well together to succeed in the new healthcare dynamic. One very important contributor is trust, which is at the core of strong .

In the years ahead hospitals that hope to compete and thrive must find ways to encourage physician loyalty and inspire a motivated medical workforce that will support the hospital’s service lines, generating a viable revenue stream. To help healthcare providers enhance trust with their physicians, , the nation’s leader in hospital business development strategies, offers seven tips for creating confident, trustworthy relationships that serve the interests of both hospitals and physicians:

“In today’s complex healthcare environment, there are multiple business, financial and interpersonal obstacles that threaten to derail hospital/physician relationships,” said Rochell Pierce, vice president of physician relationship management for Aegis Health Group. “Hospitals recognize that physicians have a choice in where to send their patients. High-performing hospitals understand that loyal physicians are a competitive advantage.”

Aegis’ thought paper, “The Four Keys to a Successful Physician Relationship Management Program,” offers additional insight into building lasting relationships with physicians. It is available at no charge by registering for an .

Aegis Health Group has assisted hundreds of hospitals with proven-effective business development strategies for more than 20 years. Its strategic Population Health Management solutions enable hospitals to grow market share and revenue by identifying and intelligently managing the health risks of local consumers within the community they serve. Complementing this,Aegis’ data-driven Physician Relationship Management strategy creates strategic alignment between hospitals and their medical staff to drive service-line growth, enhanced patient care and quality, and timely issue resolution. Further information about Aegis is available at or on their blog at .