Advances in Breast Imaging Improve Patient Care, Aid in Earlier Cancer Detection

OREM, Utah - Dec. 16, 2010 -The new KLAS Breast Imaging 2010: A More Complete Picture report takes an all-inclusive look at breast imaging technologies from a patient perspective, beginning with digital mammography and moving through CAD, MIS and ending with a discussion of newer breast-specific imaging technologies.  Providers were noticeably energized about breast-specific imaging units such as the Dilon 6800 Gamma Camera and U-Systems somo-v INSIGHT whole breast ultrasound.  However, because reimbursements vary, ROI occasionally takes a hit.

"Providers are looking for more patient-friendly imaging options and the U-Systems ultrasound fits the bill because it's a non-invasive, no-dose exam.  Some physicians we spoke with mention that whole breast ultrasound would be a great screening tool, but currently most providers cannot get reimbursed for screening with the ultrasound," said Emily Crane, co-author of the report.  "Digital mammography is still more cost effective for providers-and currently the only approved screening tool."

The wider adoption of CAD and MIS systems has also helped to increase ROI for digital mammography.  Providers report that both systems increase the efficiency and workflow for breast imaging. 

"In the MIS market segment, satisfaction is very high, driven by excellent service. Providers love the automated reporting capabilities which help with MQSA inspections.  CAD systems have become a second set of eyes for some providers, making them more efficient," said Monique Rasband, co-author of the report.

In the CAD market segment, Hologic is ranked number one and providers say that Hologic is a partner to them in the women's health arena.

It is not surprising, then, that Hologic has trended up 5 points over the past year to take first place over GE and Fuji in the digital mammography space.  GE has also been on an upward trend, but lands nearly 4 points behind Hologic, taking second place.  Dropping 3 points from last year Fuji takes third place.  Recent FDA approvals look to shake up the digital mammography market with new options from Carestream and Siemens now available.

"Digital mammography has experienced some changes over the last year and can expect more as the FDA continues to approve more units for use.  Providers will have more choices, and vendors will have to continue to be vigilant.  This is especially true for Fuji whose satisfaction trends have been inconsistent over the years," said Crane.

To learn more about the Breast Imaging market, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of participating vendors, the report Breast Imaging 2010: A More Complete Picture is available to healthcare providers online for a significant discount off the standard retail price. To purchase the full report, healthcare providers and vendors can visit

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