SANTA CLARA, CALIF. - September 29, 2009 - AccelOps, datacenter service management innovator, today announced version 1.5 of its all-in-one datacenter and IT service management solution with advancements in proactive monitoring and problem resolution to help organizations improve service reliability and operational efficiency. AccelOps 1.5 adds three new significant capabilities: extended virtualization oversight, built-in workflow with case management, and statistical profiling of user and service account activity. The release also extends rule, reporting and device coverage, as well as AccelOps' SaaS high availability. AccelOps offers the industry's most integrated datacenter service management platform uniquely packaged as a virtual appliance or SaaS for the mid-tier enterprise.

"People have been over-marketed and under delivered when it comes to Business Service Management," said Imin Lee, CEO and founder of AccelOps. "The big players have a patchwork of products, with varying technologies built up mostly through acquisitions, that are largely unaffordable or too cumbersome for the mid-tier. Datacenter complexity requires a more holistic, efficient and service-oriented approach to management. At AccelOps, we broke down all the silos and started from the bottom up to create the first new generation, fully integrated datacenter and IT service management solution for the mid-tier enterprise."

Since June, AccelOps has been in production at The Jewish Home of San Francisco (, a non-profit organization serving the greater San Francisco and Silicon Valley community's growing senior healthcare needs. The IT organization used a variety of off-the-shelf and shareware management utilities to support over 900 employees, a data center and large remote site. While they monitored various components, JHSF was growing and could not efficiently maintain IT services, respond and triage issues, produce operational reports and stay ahead of threats with their current tools. turned to AccelOps for integrated change management, infrastructure monitoring, security information management and advanced service-management capabilities. Other factors were implementation ease, a robust and integrated feature set, and usefulness across a range of operations, networking, applications and security functions. Another significant advantage was AccelOps' SaaS model, enabling JHSF to quickly deploy and scale as needed.

"As expands to address the fast-growing elder care market, we must also invest in datacenter capacity. AccelOps provides my team a more automated, integrated and intelligent means to preempt threats and respond to issues quickly, accurately and efficiently," said Richard Navarro, director of IT at The Jewish Home of San Francisco. "After testing name brand alternatives, AccelOps SaaS offers a more substantive, holistic and cost-effective approach to infrastructure and service management."

The AccelOps platform cross-correlates datacenter performance, availability, security and change events across the depth and breadth of IT functional domains. The resulting visibility provides an unprecedented management platform for monitoring, alerting, searching and reporting for the entire enterprise IT infrastructure. In addition, the solution's automated CMDB (change management database) and service mapping features link the physical and virtual infrastructure to business and business services to make service-oriented management practical and effective.

AccelOps 1.5 Features

  • Extends virtualization monitoring to dynamically track physical hosts and virtual machine relationships, key performance indicators and business service impact
  • New Incident Management capability featuring case management workflow with trouble ticketing to coordinate incident response, investigations, assignments and activity status among AccelOps users
  • Extended rule, topology and report generation now with over 500 customizable reports, new dashboard widgets, interactive L2 topology maps, and improved rule and query GUI editor supporting nested rules, exceptions and over 340 cross-correlation attributes - providing an unlimited means to monitor and analyze pertinent operational data
  • Enhanced statistical profiling, which goes beyond network behavior analysis and system resource utilization baselining to now cover user and service accounts resulting in the early detection of anomalies, exceptions and insider threats
  • Expanded device source monitoring including anti-virus, firewall, database and extended Windows Management Interface (WMI) integration
  • SaaS high availability enhancements including on-premise operational data caching and added component redundancy, as well as 3rd party penetration testing

"Virtualization and cloud computing will require sophisticated and distributed infrastructure monitoring capabilities in order to maintain service levels and realize capacity benefits," said Fred Broussard, industry research director at IDC for PC, Device and IT Service Management Software. "Solutions like AccelOps that feature integration, cross-domain event correlation and automated analysis offers strong value for mid-tier enterprises seeking SaaS or virtual appliance solutions."

Available as Virtual Appliance or SaaS

AccelOps' all-in-one datacenter and IT service management solution is generally available and packaged for the mid-tier enterprise. The solution is delivered as a virtual software appliance or software as a service (SaaS) with a list price starting at $2,000 a month depending on model capacity. The annual subscription includes maintenance and support with the means to upgrade capacity at any time. A free evaluation is available through AccelOps' Try and Buy program. Users are also welcome to attend AccelOps' webinar, "Efficient Root-Cause Analysis In the Face of Datacenter Complexity," by registering at

About AccelOps, How IT Accelerates Business

AccelOps provides innovative datacenter and IT service management software delivered as a virtual appliance or SaaS. Our all-in-one solution assures service reliability by empowering organizations to readily monitor and improve service availability, performance, security and governance objectives. The integrated approach aggregates, cross-correlates and manages diverse operational data to yield end-to-end visibility, service intelligence, operational efficiency and resource savings. The Silicon Valley-based company is privately held, venture-backed and led by experienced technology executives who created the popular Cisco MARS security appliance. Do more, control more and save more by visiting