A Message to Our Community From Mercy Health Partners

Mercy Health Partners recently announced our intention to explore the sale of our facilities in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The rationale for our initiative has been mischaracterized by certain politicized media outlets and severely distorted by some special interest groups.

Discussions about mergers, acquisitions and strategic partnerships have been conducted in our health care community for years--long before the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Our decision announced last week was due to many factors. This is a challenging time for MHP, our staff and our community. We do, however, continue to be encouraged by the potential of health care reform to improve coverage and access in our country.

Community leaders in Scranton agree that the acute care delivery system is in need of fundamental change. In exploring the sale of Mercy Health Partners, our intent is to attract additional resources and investment to our region. We believe those resources may bring about the changes hoped for by so many in our community for so long.

A major goal of our decision is to preserve the long-term viability of health care in Scranton and Northeastern, PA. For over 100 years, Mercy has met the needs of this community, and we believe its health and well being would be better served by a re-organization of the area's health care providers and an infusion of additional resources.

Like all Catholic hospitals, our mission is to serve those in need and respect our core values of compassion, excellence, human dignity, justice, sacredness of life and service.

Kevin Cook
President and CEO