A different perspective on Medicare cuts

At Spot-On­­, Matthew Holt has some harsh words about the AMA's opposition to the impending Medicare cuts. Last week, the AMA released a statement saying that many Americans are concerned about the impending cuts. The AMA acknowledges that most Americans aren't even aware of the cuts, but claims that when informed about them, most expressed concern about what impact the cuts will have on healthcare. Holt takes issue with the AMA's methodology. "After the pollsters told them that Medicare fees would be cut, the next question was obvious. It was something like 'Doctors say that if you pay them less they won't take Medicare patients, who will be left on the street to die. Then their bodies will be eaten by wolves. Are you worried that this will impact access for grandma to her doctor?' And you can guess what the answer will be." He also questions physicians who say they'll limit the number of new Medicare patients that they'll accept due to the cuts. As Holt points out, this is unlikely due to the fact that elderly Medicare patients are the healthcare industry's number one customers.

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