5,000 CA nurses set plans for strike

After months of unsuccessful talks, nurses at 15 hospitals in northern California are set to begin a 48-hour strike today. The strike, which involves about 5,000 RNs, mostly impacts Sutter Health, which operates 13 of the facilities. Working with the California Nurses Association, Sutter has been hoping to negotiate individual labor contracts, but this approach hasn't worked. The hospitals have temporary replacements on board to work during the duration of the walkout.

Among other concerns, the CNA and individual hospital organizers contend that Sutter hospital affiliates aren't providing safe levels of staffing and that they're not providing a safe workplace. Sutter, for its part, contends that the union is grandstanding, and is largely working to recruit new members and ultimately, get a master contract into place with the Sutter affiliates.

To learn more about the strike:
- read this San Francisco Chronicle piece

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