4 ways healthcare workers can improve patient satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is more important than ever in healthcare delivery with analytics directly linking patient experience with healthcare costs and outcomes. But hospitals must keep patients happy and healthy while dealing with lower reimbursement, more crowded facilities and less time with patients.

To keep patient satisfaction scores high, hospitals must rely on front-line workers and administrators to interact with patients in the most positive way possible, Global Healthcare reported. Here are a few of the nine ways the publication says healthcare professionals can improve patient satisfaction:

  1. Optimize performance. Improve your system by determining how long patient transfers take. Hire industrial engineers to evaluate and optimize systems to keep patients happy.

  2. Smile. Employees should practice with empathy and kindness, especially when handling patient concerns and complaints. Apologize when something goes wrong and direct patients to officials who can help answer their questions.

  3. Streamline processes. Transfer patient-related forms to an automated system with online forms. Aim for same-day appointments for patients by delaying the distribution of lab results and implementing technologies that allow patients to reach nurses directly. Speed up the systems, but don't rush the patients.

  4. Consider the patient perspective. Park in patient spots and walk where patients walk to get a better of idea of their experiences. Aim to give the best experience possible.

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