4 nonprofit hospital trends to watch this year

In the wake of sweeping healthcare reform and shifting priorities throughout the industry, nonprofit hospitals can expect to see new trends in 2014, according to Nonprofit Quarterly.

In the article, author Michael Wyland, who boasts more than 25 years of experience in corporate and government public policy, management and administration, reviewed the biggest healthcare issues in 2013, including healthcare executive compensation and the bumpy start to the Affordable Care Act.

He then identified four emerging nonprofit hospital trends for 2014:

1. Behavioral health integration: As providers receive reimbursement for outcomes rather than volume of services and procedures, nonprofits can begin to integrate behavioral health into their services while treating chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

2. Shifting demographics: As the baby boomer generation ages, nonprofits can expect an increase in service demands.

3. Workforce development challenges: Many healthcare professionals are nearing retirement age, which means nonprofits will have to attract and retain a new generation of quality workers. Hospitals will have to entice professionals from a smaller pool of applicants.

4. Fundraising opportunities: Traditional hospital development and construction means money, so hospitals must look to diversify not only their fundraising base, but also their expansion plans in general. Nonprofits can use endowments and fund drives to support charity care and research initiatives to attract high-quality specialists. More than ever before, charitable support will be essential for success.

Earlier this year, FierceHealthcare examined four trends the healthcare industry could expect as a whole throughout 2014, including the evolution of Pioneer accountable care organizations, the impact of ICD-10 transition, hospital CEO turnover and more hospitals becoming insurers.

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