3 ways hospitals can engage patients

As accountable care organizations and other forms of value-based care initiatives gain momentum in the healthcare world, hospitals and health systems across the country seek more proactive ways to fight chronic disease and promote long-term health management, according to Healthcare IT News.

While providers boost patient engagement, they can take a few lessons from healthcare payers to get patients involved, the article states, including:

  1. Designate a patient engagement advocate. This individual, much like a care coordinator or patient navigator, finds improvement opportunities for patients while implementing programs and monitoring progress, the article states. Providers can reach out to payers for an idea of how they view the role and what the job entails.

  2. Build partnerships. Providers can partner with insurance companies to offers patients incentives for positive, healthy lifestyle choices, such as using fitness apps. Hospitals and healthcare organizations must make a specific effort to get patients invested in their own care and health.

  3. Access interoperability opportunities. Share information with other providers to get a more complete picture of the patient's care, allowing all stakeholders involved to get a better idea of how to help the patient.

"Looking to payer-patient engagement strategies could be a wise place for providers to start as they build relationships and encourage greater patient commitment to long-term health," the article states.

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