3 in 10 Americans skip necessary medical care due to cost; European docs trail U.S. docs for smartphone ownership;

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> Hospitals in a lawsuit with the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services are urging a federal court to expedite proceedings, according to AHA News Now. They argue that hospitals lose thousands of dollars with each day that passes. News Brief

> Although the United States is worried about the fiscal cliff, states' biggest budget concern is Medicaid, Stateline reported. Article

> Amid calls to deliver more affordable care, a new Gallup Poll finds that 3 in 10 Americans skip necessary medical care because of cost, CBS News reported. Article

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> The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services' new predictive analytics will help the agency meet its goal to prevent fraud, but the program suffers from inconsistent data and flawed methodology that make it impossible to track inaccuracies, according to the Office of the Inspector General. Article

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> How can physicians succeed despite past performance or conduct issues? Blog Post

> Research finds that European doctors continue to lag behind their American counterparts when it comes to smartphone ownership. Article

And Finally… This bus stop is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Article