20 percent of diabetics are 100 pounds overweight, study concludes

A team of researchers with Loyola University Health System has concluded that the problem of obesity in the population of type 2 diabetics may be even worse than expected. The findings are troubling given the stress extra weight puts on a type 2 diabetic's condition--and are likely to serve as a jumping-off point for ongoing discussions of how to manage the staggering diabetes problem in the U.S.

Through their analysis, researchers found a 141 percent increase in the rate of morbid obesity among type 2 diabetics between 1976 to 1980 and 2005 to 2006. They also found that almost 21 percent of diabetics with type 2 diabetes are morbidly obese, and that 62.4 percent of U.S. adults with type 2 diabetes are obese.

To draw this conclusion, the research team looked at data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination surveys done from 1976 to 2006.  These findings were just published in the Journal of Diabetes and its Complications.

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