100th Customer Commissioned on Alere's Apollo Health Management System

26.5 million participants now eligible for next-generation system

ATLANTA, June 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Alere Health, LLC, one of the nation's leading providers of integrated health and wellness programs to health plans and employers, announced today the addition of its 100th customer to Apollo, the company's integrated health management system. Apollo technology connects providers, payers and patients to one another through a single portal and has helped to deliver highly personalized health and wellness programs to market quickly and cost effectively.

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Apollo was originally conceived as a best-in-class clinical platform, complete with a web-based, patient-centric portal that could be customized with real-time information obtained from biometric monitoring devices and medical/pharmacy claims.  Not only would participants and Alere care providers have easy access to critical health information, but the unparalleled connectivity of Alere's monitoring devices with the Apollo platform would help facilitate better care coordination.

Today, 26.5 million participants are eligible for care support via this next-generation system, and Apollo continues to enhance care management by integrating data obtained from several connected monitoring devices (weight scales, blood pressure cuffs, glucometers, biomarkers) with a variety of personal health support solutions that range from wellness to chronic care and case management.

The addition of the 100th customer to Apollo marks a major milestone for Alere. Just one year ago, the company began integrating its existing clinical platforms into Apollo in order to give customers a single, comprehensive view of each participant across its spectrum of health management services.  From this point on, all new and existing clients will be set up on the Apollo platform.

"Apollo has been an enormous, but rewarding challenge, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved," said Alere Health CEO Tom Underwood. "For new customers, we can bring them on board in as few as 90 days. For our existing customers, the comprehensive view of an individual's health history makes interactions with participants more efficient and leads to better health outcomes. For our nurses, Apollo will help them get the most out of teachable moments with participants, which will, in turn, encourage true behavioral change."

Industry leaders have also recognized the value of Alere's Apollo technology.  In June, IDC Health Insights reviewed the Apollo system in a perspective article entitled, "Pegasystems - Empowering Alere Health's Apollo, a Personalized Health Management System."  According to this article, the first health plan to use the platform:

…has been very pleased with the level of integrations between the programs managed by Alere Health through the Apollo platform. The transitions between care management programs have been seamless from the patient perspective as members do not need to repeat their medical history when speaking with a new care manager for a different program that could have specialized nurses (e.g., a diabetes patient who was recently diagnosed with cancer). The health plan expects to develop more integration between Alere Health and in-house systems, such as in-house care management programs and customer service.

Apollo has processed 42.9 million medical claims and 15.7 million pharmacy claims since 2010 when the first customer was added. In the last 12 months, Apollo has tracked 3.4 million outbound calls on behalf of Alere's chronic care program, which now has 503,000 enrolled participants using the system.  

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About Alere:

Alere Health is the health management services business of Alere Inc. (previously Inverness Medical Innovations) (NYSE:ALR). Alere, a Latin verb, meaning "to care for" or "to support", offers the most patient-centered health management services available from a single provider in the industry. Alere provides health interventions that cover an individual's entire lifespan, from pre-cradle to end-of-life care, as well as the continuum from wellness and prevention, to total health management of the individual for those having chronic illnesses. Alere's continuum of services begins with preconception, pregnancy, NICU and first year of life services; continues with lifelong programs focused on health, wellness and the management of chronic conditions such as heart failure, COPD, and asthma, up to the complex care management required in end-of-life care. For more information regarding Alere, please visit www.alere.com.

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