10 hospitals fight state Medicaid cuts in court; $40M per year spent on unnecessary care in Florida;

> Ten New Hampshire hospitals are in court this week, fighting state Medicaid cuts, according to NHPR. The hospitals last summer sued the state to block the two-year budget that calls for slashing Medicaid payments by $115 million, arguing that it would prevent equal access to medical care for low-income patients. Article

> Nearly 500 lawmakers are backing the individual mandate, reported The Hill's Healthwatch. The Supreme Court will hear appeals in March and will decide on legality of the individual mandate by the end of June. Blog post

> Modest cardiology workforce growth shows that rural areas lack access to cardiovascular care, according to a study in Health Affairs. The study suggests rural hospitals use telemedicine or economic incentives to curb the maldistribution of cardiologists. Study abstract

> One in three healthcare dollars in Florida goes to unnecessary tests and treatments, according to a new poll released by Patients for Fair Compensation. Physicians are ordering what equates to more than $40 billion a year in unneeded medical care to avoid malpractice lawsuits. Press release

> El Camino Hospital workers have voted 599-357 to keep the union intact, reported the Palo Alto Daily News. The union accused the hospital of intimidating state officials into delaying the vote count from the Jan. 5 election. Article

And Finally... Be-Nice-on-the-Internet week ends today. Let's get back to being jerks again. Article