On-demand primary care provider CirrusMD taps NeuroFlow for behavioral health support, collaborative care

CirrusMD, a text-based virtual primary care provider, has teamed up with NeuroFlow to expand digital behavioral health support for its users.

The partnership has the potential to reach nearly 10 million CirrusMD users in all 50 states, with it being up to individual employers whether to select NeuroFlow as a vendor, the companies told Fierce Healthcare. CirrusMD will leverage NeuroFlow's platform and clinical staffing for emergencies to ensure continuity of care. The platform includes clinical decision support and patient engagement tools. 

“Mental health continues to be central to the kind of virtual primary care that employers and health plans are demanding,” Elishia Oliva, M.D., CirrusMD’s specialty medical director, said in the press release. “Our partnership with NeuroFlow will allow us to augment our tele-behavioral health care, expand access to underserved employee and member populations, and improve outcomes from day one.”

NeuroFlow platform screenshot

NeuroFlow helps screen and triage patients and refer them to the right level of care through a self-directed and individualized behavioral health platform. It tracks things like stress and anxiety levels and monitors individuals with rising levels of risk. Its goal is to help providers identify underdiagnosed and undertreated conditions before they worsen. 

Initial implementation, including integrating NeuroFlow's technology into CirrusMD's platform, was completed in one week, the companies said in the announcement. That helped CirrusMD meet deadlines for two employer groups looking for ways to support their employees. Besides supporting employers, the platform has also been reported to get payers excited because it decreases the overall cost of care.

“Employers need more than just closed circuit apps and basic education on mental health in the workplace; they need dynamic solutions that anticipate needs and provide recommendations on how to access care,” NeuroFlow co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Adam Pardes said in the announcement.