Atropos Health unveils AI chatbot to accelerate real-world data-based evidence generation for docs

Atropos Health, maker of a real-world data platform, has launched a new operating system and a chatbot interface to help generate observational studies rapidly and at scale.

Leveraging generative AI, the system helps non-technical users query real-world clinical data and get publication-grade results in minutes, the startup said. The Geneva OS can be installed on an organization’s cloud environment while maintaining security and HIPAA compliance.

“We can now generate evidence for every individual patient extremely quickly and at scale,” Brigham Hyde, co-founder and CEO of Atropos, told Fierce Healthcare.

The capability is not entirely new for Atropos. It builds on its existing product, the Green Button Informatics Consult Service, which enables clinicians to run observational studies on patient data within 24 hours. The startup, which bills itself as a consultation service for docs, was spun out of Stanford University and founded in 2020.

Thursday marks the first launch of a large language model-driven chatbot for the startup, ChatRWD, which accelerates the speed at which an observational study is generated. The user-friendly chat also means a clinician doesn't need a data scientist in the loop. 

Queries pull on the company’s network of hundreds of millions of de-identified patient records. The system then runs the analysis using statistical methods and then formats the final result into an observational study report. Such studies can traditionally take weeks or months, the company noted.

ChatRWD is available to all users in Beta this fall. The company is currently accepting sign-ups. Any user can use the chat app without downloading Geneva OS, but they will only be able to query other data in the Atropos network, not their own. 

Atropos has already delivered thousands of such studies to doctors and researchers. The most impactful use case for the technology is where there are high stakes for a patient, limited existing literature or evidence and a potentially expensive therapy or procedure, Hyde said. Atropos partners include the Mayo Clinic and ASCO CancerLinQ.

By speeding up the time it takes to create an observational study, Atropos helps organizations and patients recoup savings without impacting clinical outcomes, Hyde said. Even where clinical trials or studies are limited, the startup has a lot of data on patients traditionally excluded, like women, children, the elderly and rural patients. 

“Those are the people that we serve,” Hyde said.