Innovaccer unveils AI solution suite targeting clinician, executive pain points

Innovaccer, a Big Data company focused on value-based care, unveiled a new four-product suite Tuesday it says heralds several additional AI tools planned for future release.

The package, Sara for Healthcare, expands on Sara, the AI assistant for analysts and executives that Innovaccer introduced at HIMSS23. The latest package is made of large language models targeting four different types of roles and aims to cut workloads, automate workflows, generate insights and support decision-making.

“With a name inspired by the Hindu goddess of knowledge and language, Saraswati, we will ensure Sara provides the AI help healthcare leaders can turn to and trust,” Kanav Hasija, co-founder and chief product officer of Innovaccer, said in an announcement. “With Sara for healthcare, we’re creating, and promising to continue to invest in, developing proprietary AI technologies that ensure healthcare data quality, with the right data presented in the right setting at the right time.”

The four solutions represent an initial rollout of an expanding portfolio of AI-driven tools to come from Innovaccer, the company said. 

Sara for Healthcare includes the following solutions: 

  • Sara for Insights, which will help executives and analysts get instant answers to complex queries using plain English without having to ask their data teams and wait for results or learn a database query language.
  • Sara for Care Management, which will help care coordinators spend more time with patients by assisting them with documentation and care planning. Innovaccer estimates Sara’s time and cost savings will save coordinators 10 hours a week and allow them to engage with 35% more patients, making them 50% more efficient at their jobs.
  • Sara for Point of Care, which will help clinicians reduce administrative and documentation burden associated with EHR and give them more face time with patients. Innovaccer estimates Sara can help cut more than 10 hours a week from clinicians’ pajama time spent on documentation weekly and thus mitigate burnout.
  • Sara for Experience Center, which will help contact center agents streamline workflows and enhance consumer engagement by automating tasks and optimizing processes to achieve exceptional customer service levels. Sara can help improve first-call resolution rates by 25% or more and call handling time by 20% or more as well as reach an additional 20% of patients, the company estimates.

Experts have cautioned that generative AI tools available to the public are not trained specifically on healthcare data, making them inaccurate and unreliable. Innovaccer said its AI understands healthcare complexities from privacy to regulatory requirements and has been trained in the healthcare context to help improve accuracy. 

Innovaccer's platform unifies patient data across systems and care settings. Its EHR-agnostic solutions have been deployed across more than 1,600 hospitals and clinics in the U.S. The company has helped its customers unify health records for more than 54 million people, it says, and generate more than $1 billion in cumulative cost savings.