HIMSS 2022: Samsung rolls out smart healthcare TV, digital health tools for hospitals

Electronics giant Samsung has been expanding its reach in healthcare with mobile devices and hardware for hospitals, home health and remote patient monitoring. 

The company is looking to leverage its tech expertise to improve in-room patient care. At the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Global Conference in Orlando, Florida, on Tuesday, Samsung veiled a new smart healthcare TV and digital health solutions for hospitals.

The company also is partnering with health tech company ShareSafe to integrate its healthcare mobile application ShareView. The company's mobile solution creates a secure casting connection from a mobile device with Samsung Smart Healthcare TVs to integrate electronic health records (EHRs) as well as other sources of content, the companies said.

According to Samsung, its the first 4K QLED smart healthcare TV in the industry and transforms in-room displays into all-in-one communication hubs personalized for hospital patients and senior care residents, significantly improving collaboration, patient engagement and workflow efficiency. 

The advanced in-room technology offers clinicians seamless access to display patient EHRs, information and telehealth consultations right in the room. 

The screen displays multimedia content alongside information—including schedules and caregiver details—eliminating the need for whiteboards and paper signage. Patients can easily navigate entertainment and information, according to Samsung.

"Our partnership with ShareSafe is a game-changer for our healthcare customers and their clinical teams, as well as patients," said Chris Mertens, vice president of U.S. sales, Samsung display division, Samsung Electronics America, in a statement

“The ShareView technology combined with Samsung Smart Healthcare TVs places mission-critical information at the fingertips of clinicians, enabling them to securely access and display patient information and resources in large format, high definition right in the room—no need to cart around a shared IT workstation or login and search for patient records on a laptop. The results benefit both the clinician and patient through enhanced in-room care and communication," Mertens said.

The technology also is HIPAA-secure and is built on a Zero Trust architecture, meaning it can verify user identity, device and permission levels on every login using mobile multifactor authentication, according to the companies.

"Our mobile-to-Samsung Smart Healthcare TV integration not only optimizes the real estate on the large screen but creates an entire new canvas for improving patient care," said Robert Hanson, CEO of ShareSafe, in a statement. "With up to four quadrants of simultaneous patient data, education, and more on the display, clinicians are empowered to fully engage with their patients, which we believe will improve workforce productivity and patient outcomes.”

Samsung provides digital health solutions for healthcare organizations, including through mobile devices and tablets. The consumer electronics giant sees opportunities for the use of its technology in healthcare, especially to help aging seniors live healthy at home, a Samsung executive said during the SXSW 2022 conference in Austin, Texas, earlier this week.

Two years ago, at the CES 2020 show in Las Vegas, Samsung unveiled a new "personal care robot" that uses artificial intelligence to help seniors connect with smart devices in the home and can serve as a fitness assistant.