Hims & Hers notches partnership with ChristianaCare to expand in-person primary, specialty care

Virtual care company Hims & Hers is collaborating with ChristianaCare to offer patients in several East Coast states access to in-person primary and specialty care services.

The partnership with ChristianaCare expands Hims & Hers' partnership network with providers and marks another way the company is integrating its spectrum of telehealth-based healthcare services across in-person and virtual care, company executives said.

The telehealth company sells prescription and over-the-counter drugs online as well as personal care products.

Hims & Hers has a growing network of provider relationships that now includes 10 states and Washington, D.C. ChristianaCare joins a growing list of health systems and providers that partner with the telehealth company, including Ochsner Health System in Louisiana, Mount Sinai Health System in New York City and Privia in the District of Columbia, Georgia, Maryland, Texas and Virginia. The company also teamed up with Carbon Health to offer patients in California direct access to providers for in-person medical appointments at clinics.

Hims & Hers offers treatments for a broad range of conditions, including those related to sexual health, hair loss, dermatology, mental health and primary care. This collaboration allows licensed medical providers on the Hims & Hers platform to connect patients with ChristianaCare’s Center for Virtual Health and extensive primary and specialty care provider network for more specialized care, according to the organizations.

Through its relationship with ChristianaCare, Hims & Hers can refer patients with complex medical histories, those who require additional in-person follow-up or evaluation or need care for a condition that Hims & Hers does not support to the health system's providers, executives said.

By partnering with Hims & Hers, ChristianaCare gains access to a broader patient population for its Center for Virtual Health and network of primary care, outpatient services and specialty care services.

“ChristianaCare stands for excellence in healthcare and is rated as one of the best hospitals in America, making them an excellent and trusted partner in ensuring a high-quality care experience throughout a consumer’s journey,” said Melissa Baird, Hims & Hers chief operating officer, in a statement. "Healthcare consumers today want easy-to-use, on-demand access to high-quality care both digitally and in-person, so our proprietary platform, coupled with partnerships such as ChristianaCare, help them smoothly navigate more of their healthcare needs.”

Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, ChristianaCare operates three hospitals and a network of primary care and outpatient services, home health care, urgent care centers, a free-standing emergency department and a Level I trauma center. The health system also runs a Level III neonatal intensive care unit, a comprehensive stroke center and regional centers of excellence in heart and vascular care, cancer care and women’s health.

In 2021, ChristianaCare’s Center for Virtual Health monitored nearly 24,000 patients, including 15,000 people diagnosed with COVID-19.

“ChristianaCare is thrilled to partner with Hims & Hers to make high-quality health care available to its customers who have complex needs or need additional services that Hims & Hers does not provide,” said Sharon Anderson, R.N., ChristianaCare’s chief virtual health officer and president of ChristianaCare’s Center for Virtual Health, in a statement.

Launched in 2017, Hims & Hers went public in January 2021 via a merger with special purpose acquisition company Oaktree Acquisition Corp. in a deal that valued the company at $1.6 billion.

The company has grown rapidly and now has close to 1 million subscribers for its online prescription drug and wellness products. Hims & Hers expects its revenue in 2022 to jump 90% to reach $519 million, executives said during its third-quarter earnings call this week.

The company is looking to expand into new health conditions including sleep, fertility and chronic conditions like diabetes and high cholesterol, according to a presentation to investors (PDF) earlier this year.