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Hello all! I'd like to welcome you to your first edition of FierceHealthFinance, the new weekly newsletter for healthcare CFOs and financial managers.

As you'll see, FHF is tightly focused on the problems that keep healthcare financial leaders up at night, including payer reimbursement issues, financing, governance, regulatory/legal compliance, IT investment, collections and more. We're not going to bore you with long, painful takes on these issues, though; just straight-to-the-point summaries that give you just what you need to know.

Over time, we hope to become one of your most trusted resources for staying on top of critical healthcare finance news and issues. As you'll see, we take a comprehensive look at the industry, and work hard to arm you with the breadth of knowledge you need in today's amazingly complex healthcare environment.

Along the way, here in this space, you'll get a dose of my opinion on things--with which I encourage you to disagree, or add in facts where I might have left gaps. If you have something to say, we'd love for you to write and tell us what you think. There's space here for your thoughts too!

And now, with no further ado, here's your issue. Again, welcome, and we look forward to serving you. - Anne

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