Take Care Recovery Plan provides free healthcare to those affected by the economy

Patients who have lost their jobs or aren't able to afford health insurance have at least one more refuge: Walgreens and Take Care Health Systems. Take Care will launch the Take Care Recovery Plan, aimed at helping those who have been most affected by the suffering economy. 

The plan will cover most routine services that are conducted at Take Care Clinics, such as treatment of colds, seasonal allergies and minor skin infections and burns. Free laboratory testing also will be provided by Quest Diagnostics. The services will be available through the rest of 2009. 

"Walgreens and Take Care Health Systems strongly believe that a family's healthcare needs should not take a backseat to the economy," said Hal Rosenbluth, president of Walgreens' health and wellness division and chairman of Take Care Health Systems. "We consider this opportunity to help current and future Take Care Clinic patients a privilege and believe that Take Care Clinics are well-placed to deliver such piece of mind." 

Patients will be able to take advantage of the free services from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday, but will not be able to receive health evaluations, vaccinations, physicals, or any injections or infusions. 

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