Struggling financially, physicians asks hospitals for help

An AHA study has found that physicians are turning to hospitals for help as they struggle with financial burdens and lowered incomes.

The study, which surveyed 736 hospital chief executives, found that 83 percent were getting requests from physicians for more pay for on-call or other services. Also, 69 percent had at least one request from a physician for hospital employment, 31 percent received inquiries about purchasing a physician practice, and 23 percent got requests to partner on purchases of physician equipment.

Unfortunately, hospitals aren't in a much better situation. Though they are somewhat willing to work with physicians, since doctors are the source of their revenue stream, they don't always have much to give. In fact, the study also looked at hospital finances and found that the numbers of admissions and elective procedures had dropped. At the same time, they've shown an 8 percent increase in uncompensated care.

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