Pay for performance ineffective when focused on productivity; HHS examines reform impact on states;

> A new study featured in the Journal of General Internal Medicine concludes that financial incentives for healthcare performance can actually cause problems if they focus on physician productivity. Article

> If Congress doesn't pass reform legislation, the number of uninsured U.S. residents would grow by more than 30 percent in 29 states, according to research by HHS. Article

> Cardiologists say that the 2010 physician fee schedule for Medicare is inadequate, so much so that 87 percent would stop accepting Medicare patients, a survey suggests. Article

> White House budget director Peter Orszag continues to insist that health reform won't add to the deficit as long as it adheres to four key principles, including an excise tax on high-premium health insurance policies. Article

And Finally...  Even Santa can't ignore infection control protocols, it seems. Article