Number of uninsured drops dramatically; GOP under pressure to avoid shutdown over Planned Parenthood;

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> Although incomes have remained stagnant, the number of uninsured in the U.S. has dropped dramatically, with little more than 10 percent of Americans now lacking coverage. Article

> Under political pressure, GOP leaders are considering ways of putting off a potential government shutdown over funding of healthcare services performed by Planned Parenthood, according to PoliticoArticle

> Cigna's chief executive officer is claiming that its merger with Anthem will actually increase choice and affordability for consumers. Article

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> Academic medical centers suffer from a major gender gap that will only continue to grow unless leaders acknowledge the problem, according to commentary published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Gender imbalances persist throughout the healthcare industry as indicated by a widening wage gap and underrepresentation of women in clinical research trials, which can endanger women's health. Article

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> Continued defects and a lack of response-time goals have plagued the rollout of the Department of Veterans Affairs' electronic benefits management system, which has yet to be fully developed despite nearly $1 billion poured into the project since fiscal year 2009, according to the Government Accountability Office. Article

And Finally... How a fish jaw became embedded in a man's eye. Article