New ways to think about hospital-physician engagement

Guest post by Kenneth H. Cohn, a general surgeon and CEO of, who works with organizations to engage doctors to improve clinical and financial performance.

A recent FierceHealthcare story cited five ways to boost hospital-physician engagement:

·         Keeping physicians in the loop on the hospital's financial and operational goals

·         Engaging the community

·         Increasing physicians' protected nonclinical time to improve engagement

·         Familiarizing physicians with the company's goals

·         Concentrating work at one facility

Building on the first goal, I wrote an article recently that described a collaboration between a hospital CFO and a physician that taught the physician how to write a business plan for a new wound care center, which enabled patients to stay within the community and brought in a new source of revenue to the hospital. The physician became so interested in finance that he effectively functions as the chief medical finance officer, conducing strategic consultations on finance with both administrators and fellow physicians.

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