MEDSEEK acquisition of Third Wave will boost portal capabilities; Insurer-owned clinics help prevent big hospital bills;

> Looking to boost the abilities of its web portals for hospitals, health information exchange software vendor MEDSEEK acquired marketing research and technology firm Third Wave Research Group, which specializes in customer relationship management software. FierceHealthIT

> Nearly one in seven Medicare beneficiaries are prescribed antipsychotic drugs for off-label uses, creating new health risks. Article

> GAO tells CMS to boost oversight of nursing homes. Report (.pdf)

> Health insurers increasingly are opening their own clinics to help save money. The goal is smarter care, not less care. "It's really just trying to make basic routine services a lot more available," says John Gorman, a consultant who works with some plans that are investing in clinics, "so the hospital becomes the provider of last resort." FierceHealthPayer

> Boehner holding firm on cuts as part of debt ceiling deal. Article

And Finally... Would you like an accent with your surgery? Article