Medicaid primary care may fall short in WA; HCCI working with health plans to publish prices;

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> The use of "mystery shoppers" in Washington state reveals that Medicaid enrollees may have far fewer primary care options than network directories suggest, according to Kaiser Health News. Article

> The Health Care Cost Institute is working with three major insurers to create a price transparency portal for consumers that will begin operating next year, AHA News reports. Article

> New Jersey hospitals that particated in a quality initiative were able to reduce healthcare costs by $100 million last year, according to AHA News. Article

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> Federal investigators are probing Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals across the country amid allegations hospital officials kept secret waitlists. Whistleblowers at Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital in the Chicago area claim officials kept secret waitlists to collect bonuses for on-time treatment, WGN TV reported. Article

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> A breach of electronic protected health information involving 6,800 individuals at two New York-area hospitals discovered in the summer of 2010 has resulted in the largest HIPAA settlement to date--$3.3 million. Article

And Finally... The 31-year-old high school sophomore. Article