Mayo Clinic accounts for $22B in healthcare spending nationwide; Humana to cut 5 percent of workforce;

> According to a study by the Battelle Memorial Institute, the Mayo Clinic accounts for $22 billion of the nation's healthcare spending by itself. Of its three locations (in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota), Mayo's Rochester, Minn., clinic--considered its home base--accounts for $9.6 billion of that $22 billion. Article

> Humana, in response to the news that its Medicare enrollment dipped 24 percent last year and commercial enrollment fell 6 percent, announced that it will cut roughly 5 percent of its workforce. Article

> A commonly prescribed herpes drug may help to delay the need for HIV therapies among the millions of people who are infected with the virus. A new study highlights how a cheap drug could play a role in blunting the progression of the deadly virus. FierceBiotech Research

And Finally... Not exactly the stuff Disney movies are made of. Article

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