Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drugs teams with Posterity Health on male fertility

Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company has announced its latest move, with the firm stepping into the male fertility space in partnership with Posterity Health.

The team-up will make it easier for men to access medications that treat infertility, low testosterone and sexual dysfunction at an affordable price. Through Posterity Health, patients can connect to reproductive urologists, physicians who are specialized in male fertility and other sexual health concerns.

Posterity's digital platform as well as a national network of in-person options allow for a comprehensive care experience, according to the announcement, and cut down on wait times. Rather than waiting months for results, patients can assess their fertility status from their homes and connect with expert care within 72 hours as needed.

Cuban said in the release the goal of partnerships like this one is to "encourage those impacted by medical conditions to take action" about their care.

“It is time to break the stigma around male fertility and men’s sexual health," he said. "Treatment for these conditions is often life changing. Working together with Posterity Health, we can help more men receive the care and treatment they need to become healthier fathers.”

Posterity Health's services are "personal, private and holistic," according to the announcement. Its clinical teams first identify the root cause of a patient's fertility issues and treat any underlying conditions.

Fertility issues are commonplace, according to the release, with 1 in 6 couples facing trouble conceiving. In 50% of cases, a male factor or sperm quality issue is part of the problem. However, males typically wait 22 months before undergoing a basic fertility assessment, and in that time the couple faces significant stress and the female partner may take unnecessary tests.

“Male fertility is truly a men’s health issue. Ten percent of males with an abnormal semen analysis have an undetected or underlying health condition, including an increased risk (two times the risk compared to fertile males) of testicular cancer," Barrett Cowan, M.D., chief medical officer and founder of Posterity Health, said in the release. "Our goal is to make it easy for males to access high quality care in a timely manner."