Johns Hopkins enters bundled payment deal with Pepsi

Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore has entered into a bundled payment arrangement with beverage giant PepsiCo, reports The Baltimore Sun.

Under the terms of the arrangement, Pepsi employees will travel to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore to undergo complex procedures, such as knee replacement corrections. The employees, about 250,000 in all, will have their co-payments and deductibles waived should they enter into such an arrangement.

Bundled payments have been much discussed as one of the linchpins of healthcare finance in the wake of the Affordable Care Act, but few deals have yet to be publicly announced.

"This is really leading edge in a good way," Helen Darling, president and CEO of the National Group on Health, a Washington, D.C., nonprofit that advises large companies on health issues, told the Sun. "I think the more these leading companies do this, the more it will grow in popularity."

The Pepsi deal was brokered through Mercer Health & Benefits LLC. Mercer officials said other bundled payment deals would be announced in the near future.

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