Hospitals still waiting for promised drug discounts

Many hospitals are still waiting for Valeant Pharmaceuticals to follow through on its plans to discount some of the heart drugs for which it has dramatically jacked up prices. Officials at the Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital are among the acute care providers who say the drugmaker has yet to deliver 30 percent discounts on drugs for which it raised the prices, which in some instances was more than seven-fold, according to The New York Times. And according to the Premier, Inc. purchasing alliance, only two of its more than 2,500 members have received a discount to date. "What we're now doing is to resolve some of those difficulties that some of the players have experienced," Valeant's recently appointed Chief Executive Officer, Joseph C. Papa, told the New York Times. "I now believe we've got a solution to this question, and I look forward to being able to announce this." Article