Hospitals can be sued for elder abuse; Arizona heart hospital to try and lower out-of-pocket costs;

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> An Arizona court has ruled hospitals there can be sued for elder abuse, expanding liability that had once been confined to skilled nursing and other similar facilities. Article

> Interfaith Medical Center in Brooklyn wants to throw in the towel, asking a bankruptcy court for permission to shut down all services by October, and inpatient care by the middle of next month. Article

> Banner Heart Hospital in Mesa, Ariz. will use a Medicare-bundled payment project to try and lower out-of-pocket costs for its patients. Article

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> Hospital evacuations forced by Hurricanes Katrina, Irene and Sandy and a stream of heat wave warnings and other extreme weather events have pushed the healthcare industry to take steps to protect hospitals and health systems from the effects of climate change, Think Progress reported. Article

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> As the healthcare industry evolves over the next decade, manufacturers are going to play a big role in that growth, according to Scott Blanchette, CIO at Nashville, Tenn.-based Vanguard Health Systems, which boasts 14 hospitals across five states. In particular, Blanchette told SearchCIO in a recently published interview, technology will be key to boosting business value at Vanguard and beyond. Article

And finally... An unfortunately soggy x-ray machine. Article