Hospitals ask OMB to revise 'onerous' tax form

Various hospitals groups are grumbling about changes to the Schedule H tax form as part of the Affordable Care Act, reported AHA News Now.

According to letters sent to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) by the American Hospital Association, the Healthcare Financial Management Association and VHA, the revised Schedule H contains "redundancies, inconsistencies, onerous reporting requirements and undefined terms." The groups believe that the Internal Revenue Service violated the Paperwork Reduction Act by not allowing public comment on the tax form revisions.

A sore point is Section V, Part B of Schedule H, which the IRS wadded as a result of healthcare reform. It asks non-profit hospitals about 80 additional questions, most of them pertaining to charity care and community benefit policies.

As a result, the organizations are asking the OMB to order the IRS to withdraw or make optional section V.B of Schedule H for the 2011 tax year and issue a substantially improved form in the coming years.

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