Healthcare could save $8B a year with all electronic transactions; Why hospitals are perfect targets for ransonware attacks;

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> The U.S. healthcare system could save as much as $8 billion a year by electronically processing all business transactions according to the 2015 CAQH Index. Article

> Hospitals may be the perfect targets for ransomware attacks because their management is more likely to panic due to the life-saving situations they face, and because organizationally they often do not pay close attention to security, Wired reported. Article

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> A new report that reveals numerous instances of doctors behaving badly but still practicing medicine illustrates the need for greater transparency in healthcare. The report, part of Consumer Reports' Safe Patient Project, examined doctors on probation in California for offenses ranging from drug abuse to sexual misconduct to fatal, careless mistakes, but still practicing medicine. Article

> A new study suggested that black patients may fare better at hospitals with more racially diverse populations. Article

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Clinicians at MedStar Health can now review medical records and submit orders via the electronic health record after a malware attack March 28 forced computers offline, the Maryland-based hospital chain said in a statement Wednesday morning. Article

And Finally... New gun can fold up to resemble a cellphone. Article