Health center funding hinges on program renewal; Indiana's aging convicts pose healthcare challenge;

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> Health centers, such as Grace Hill in St. Louis could lose as much as 17 percent of its funding if the "Gateway for Health" demonstration project is not renewed, particularly since Missouri has no plans of expanding Medicaid coverage as part of the Affordable Care Act. Article

> Nearly one out of seven convicts in Indiana's prison system is over the age of 50. Their status means they require more pricey healthcare, posing thorny problems in how they should be looked after. Article

> Lawmakers in Ohio are not likely to vote on Medicaid expansion in that state until October, and opponents of the Affordable Care Act are bringing up another objection to lowering income eligibilit--it could enable more drug abuse. Article

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> A new report from the American Hospital Association Workforce Center provides hospital executives with tools to define their present and future workforce needs and finetune their strategies for sourcing, retention, recruiting, onboarding and retirement, according to AHA News Now. Article

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> On top of federal and state investigations into its data breach, Advocate Medical Group in Downers Grove, Ill., faces a class-action lawsuit from affected patients. The lawsuit claims the Chicago area's largest physician group violated privacy regulations by failing to use encryption and other security practices, according to the Chicago Tribune. Article

And finally...Hospital sued after incorrectly declaring New York man dead. Article