Groups making anti-ACA push; Brooklyn on cusp of losing two hospitals;

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> FreedomWorks and a variety of other conservative groups are making an intense, last-ditch effort to derail the Affordable Care Act, including the burning of symbolic "ObamaCare" registration cards, according to Kaiser Health NewsArticle

> Brooklyn is on the cusp of losing two long-operating hospitals, threatening to overwhelm other providers in the area, Kaiser reports. Article

> A half-dozen states, including Texas, have decided they will not enforce provisions of the Affordable Care Act, prompting the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to step in as de fact regulator, according to The Texas Tribune. Article

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> A concentrated effort to eliminate hospital-acquired infections saved 3,576 lives and an estimated $64 million in healthcare costs, according to a report from the National Health Foundation. Article

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> One 31-year-old math wiz, Matt Saniie, who worked on the Obama reelection campaign, has gone from tracking likely voters to building a statistical model to predict--with 99 percent accuracy--whether someone has health insurance, according to an article in Bloomberg. Article

And finally...Cancer bracelets can remain in schools. Article