GOP most at risk if subsidies eliminated; Mt. Sinai looking for more liberal arts med students

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> Republicans who have been against the Affordable Care Act could suffer the most damage politically if the U.S. Supreme Court guts the insurance subsidies currently provided under the law, the Associated Press reported. Article

> The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is looking for more liberal arts and humanities majors because school administrators believe they will make better doctors, according to NPR. Article

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> Personal stories and anecdotes can be a valuable tool in healthcare, but some hospitals use them to obscure lackluster care quality ratings while the media look the other way, argues an opinion piece from Health News Review. Article

> The improved economy has revived demand for travel nurses, with the market currently the best in more than a decade, Kaiser Health News has reported. Article

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> The cost of a data breach on a company is $3.8 million, a jump of 23 percent from 2013, according to a Ponemon Institute report sponsored by IBM. The study looks at the cost of data breaches at 350 companies in 11 countries. The cost for each record stolen that contained sensitive information was about $145-$154; stolen healthcare records were the most costly, reaching as high as $363 per record, according to the report. Article

And finally...Robotic butts help urology students. Article