FL Medicaid rolls expand by 245k; Community factors play into readmissions;

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> Although Florida did not expand Medicaid eligbility under the Affordable Care Act, the state increased its rolls by 8 percent, or 245,000 people, as many of the uninsured who tried to purchase coverage via the health insurance exchanges found they were eligible for the program, the Associated Press reported. Article

> External community factors, including access to general practitioners and nursing homes, can play a role in hospital readmissions, according to a new study in the journal Health Services Research. Study

> A new audit by the Office of Inspector General concludes that nearly a third of claims to transition a patient into a home healthcare setting lack the proper documentation, including proof of in-person physician visits, AHA News Now reported. Article

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> In a post-Affordable Care Act landscape, there is increasingly less room for independent community hospitals. Community hospitals must take greater responsibility for population health. To that end, some hospitals around Massachusetts form integrated health systems. The integrated model is fundamental to achieving the "triple aim" of healthcare: Better population health, higher-quality individual care and lower costs. Article

> Some healthcare professionals may view telehealth as threatening. As a result, organizations should work to minimize potential disruptions, according to a new study published in BMC Health Services Research. Article

And Finally... 50 shades of lobster. Article