FL county has few options for huge number of uninsured; New poll shows lingering skepticism of ACA;

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> Despite more than a third of its residents going uninsured, Florida's Henry County has few options, given the state's decision to decline Medicaid expansion, according to Kaiser Health News. Article

> Although criticism of the federal health insurance exchange has subsided somewhat since its initial disastrous rollout, many Americans remain skeptical of the Affordable Care Act, Yahoo News reports. Article

> The GOP, after years of constantly criticizing the Affordable Care Act, now agree that they have to come up with an alternative on healthcare policy. What that is, however, remains a work in progress, Reuters reports. Article

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> A federal judge ruled Friday that St. Luke's Health System in Idaho violated antitrust laws when it purchased the state's largest independent physician's practice--a decision that may influence future hospital-physician buyouts across the country. Article

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> With patient engagement tools like Fitbit and personal health records growing more and more abundant, a primary goal of providers in today's society must be to avoid obstructing the flow of information from patients and their tools to medical professionals, according to Ryan Bosch, chief medical information officer at Falls Church, Va.-based Inova Health System. Article

And finally...The thieving hospital security guard. Article