Monday, June 21:

10 a.m. - Natividad Medical Center: From $25M loss to $8M gain
For CFOs, CEOs and other executives looking to learn about tools for sequencing and managing a financial turnaround, this is the session for you. Also learn about maximizing revenue in payer contracting and improving emergency department productivity. Speakers: Jeff Baldwin, CFO, MedAmerica; Harry Weis, CEO, Natividad Medical Center; Jeffrey Bass, MD, Emergency Department Medical Director, Natividad Medical Center

2:45 p.m. - The private sector's impact on healthcare reform
This session will help attendees to describe the commercial payer perspective on healthcare reform. You also will be able to pinpoint provider-payer collaboration opportunities and use a newfound knowledge of payer innovations to help with your strategic planning in an environment influenced by reform. Speakers: Scott P. Serota, CEO, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association


Tuesday, June 22:

10 a.m. - Regional and operational effects on hospital pricing
Reimbursement and contracting directors and managers will be able to assess the relationship between operating environment and hospital prices through the use of a national study upon completion of this session. You also will be able to assess your hospital's inpatient and outpatient pricing position, and defend your hospital's pricing by implementing appropriate policies and strategic models. Speakers: Todd Cox, CPA, FHFMA, FACHE, Director, Corporate Reimbursement, Athens Regional Medical Center; Jamie Cleverly, Principal, Cleverly & Associates

2:45 p.m. - Employed physicians: Improving performance and avoiding excessive subsidies
This session will help anyone with knowledge of physician employment practices to create their own process for identifying and prioritizing categories contributing to excessive subsidies of employed physicians. You also will learn about initiatives geared toward improving performance (such as staff rightsizing and incentive compensation) and how to prioritize those initiatives. Speakers: Craig Holm, CHE, CHC, Senior VP, Health Strategies & Solutions, Inc.; D. Louis Glaser, JD, Partner, Katten Muchin Rosenman, LLP


Wednesday, June 23:

10 a.m. - Healthcare consolidation trends and impacts: The rise of regional superpowers
Are you worried about larger regional and national healthcare systems characterizing your healthcare environment? If so, this session will help you to not only identify those situations, but also to succeed in their presence. Also learn how to describe key drivers motivating industry consolidation. Speaker: Mark E. Grube, Partner, Kaufman, Hall & Associates, Inc.; Kit Kamholz, CPA, Senior VP, Kaufman, Hall & Associates, Inc.

1:45 p.m. - Expert Panel: Overcoming the challenges of implementing bundled payment
Learn the ins and outs of implementing a bundled payment system. This session will help you to identify both benefits and risks with bundled payments. You also will learn how to enhance coordination and consistency of care. Speakers: David C. Hammer, Vice President, Revenue Cycle Solutions, McKesson Provider Technologies (moderator); Michael Zucker, Senior VP & Chief Development Officer, Baptist Health System; Shannon Fiser, VP, Financial Operations, Ardent Heath Services; Debbie Welle-Powell, FACE, Vice President, Payer Strategies, Exempla Healthcare