Coventry, Medco want to lower costs for seniors; HHS to award $80 million for HIT workforce training;

> Health insurance companies and pharmacy benefits managers trying to save money for customers? As odd as it sounds, it appears that New Jersey-based PBM Medco Health Solutions and Maryland-based health insurer Coventry Health Care will try to do just that. FierceHealthcare

> HHS has set aside $80 million in federal stimulus funding to develop and support the nation's health IT workforce. The agency will award $70 million in grants to community colleges for health IT training programs, while the remaining $10 million will support development of educational materials for the classes. FierceHealthIT

> Now even the Senate is backing away from that $80 billion healthcare reform deal with pharma. And not just anybody in the Senate, either: Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, the very senator who spearheaded negotiation of that cost-cutting pledge. FiercePharma

And Finally... Perhaps this guy should have taken his job as seriously as his, um, hobby. Article

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