CMS now says NPI must match IRS data

Providers have been going through some serious headaches already working to make sure they use their National Provider Identifier number properly to avoid getting claims bounced by Medicare. Now, CMS has raised the stakes again. In a move that surprised most observers, the agency announced that doctors will have to reconcile their NPI data with their IRS legal name data if they want to get their Medicare claims paid. 

This is an extremely stringent requirement that should prove quite difficult to meet, experts say. Every aspect of a doctor's data must match in both databases, including exact name spellings, use of initials and even any blank spaces in the data. This new requirement only makes things worse for providers, many of whom continue to have trouble getting CMS to tell them why their claims are bouncing. All CMS will tell most physicians with NPI troubles is to start again with a new NPI enrollment, which could take months to process. Now, with the new and unexpected demand to match IRS data, providers could be faced with yet another reason for getting another NPI number.

To find out more about the new requirement:
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