3 strategies to improve hospital cost containment, cash flow

In a period of rapid change within the healthcare industry, such as the transition to value-based care, cost containment and revenue cycle management can get lost in the shuffle. But hospital leaders must remember that these tasks serve a vital purpose; and therefore must make sure that the staff responsible for them have the tools they need to do their jobs.

For example, UMass Memorial Health, the largest healthcare system in Central Massachusetts, has employees responsible for cost containment, cash flow and collections, but they can’t do their job without support from the top, Eric Dickson, M.D., president and CEO, told FierceHealthcare in an exclusive interview.

“Our job is to empower those folks in the central building office to give them what they need to be able to solve those problems,” he says.

In this special report, FierceHealthcare talks to industry and hospital leaders like Dickson about strategies for improved cost containment and cash flow, and how organizations can implement them.