Welcome to FierceEMR

Welcome to the premiere edition of FierceEMR, the new weekly newsletter that covers the booming and fast-evolving world of electronic medical records and electronic health records. Along with FierceMobileHealthcare, this is FierceMarkets' second new title in a month meant to supplement the long-established FierceHealthIT, and drill down on a subtopic of interest to so many health professionals.

As you have come to expect from other FierceMarkets publications like FierceHealthcare, FierceHealthFinance and FierceHealthIT, our goal is to provide easy-to-digest summaries and expert commentary on the news and issues that affect EMRs and the healthcare organizations that use them or are contemplating the move from paper records. Over time, we hope to become your most trusted resource for staying on top of this dynamic subject.

Each week, I will be providing incisive and insightful commentary based on my eight years of covering health IT. As we have started in just a few weeks of FierceMobileHealthcare, I hope this will become an interactive forum, where you are free to agree or disagree with me, and perhaps fill in some missing information. Leave your comments, send email, or propose a "Reader's Corner" column, where you can share views with other FierceEMR readers. This is your forum. - Neil