Survey: Nearly 20 percent of community hospitals want to change EHR vendors

Now that the electronic health record market has matured, nearly 20 percent of community hospitals are actively looking to replace their EHR vendors, according to the latest report from peer60.

The report, Community Hospital Quick EHR Report 2015, found that of the 277 providers in community hospitals, 53 percent have attested for Stage 2 of Meaningful Use, and 36 percent were currently attesting. Of the 11 percent that have not yet started, some were still in Stage 1, others were either not ready to attest or their vendor was not ready to attest.

The report also found that 54 percent of respondents were unhappy with the usability of their system; 53 percent said their system lacked functionality.  

"Reliability and uptime was rarely an issue for providers, and service was meeting providers' needs the majority of the time," the report states. "Most providers felt that they were getting support for strategic objectives from their EHR vendor. However, usability was an issue across the board, and many providers felt that their system was missing functionality."

The EHR market was relatively fragmented, but overall, Meditech was the market share leader. Others with "solid" market share included Healthland, McKesson and Cerner. Epic led in mind share.

The survey mirrors other industry reports. For instance, Black Book Rankings reported in March that almost one-fifth of hospitals felt stuck with an inadequate EHR and unhappy with their vendor. A Physicians Practice poll found that only 34.6 percent of responding physicians have attested to Stage 2 and only half (49.4 percent) said that their vendor has met the Stage 2 requirements.  Just 12.9 percent were very satisfied with their EHR vendor; 17 percent were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied. 

Meanwhile, Software Advice found that the number of physicians replacing their EHRs increased 59 percent since 2014. System dissatisfaction was the top reason for being in the replacement market, with usability and functionality two of the biggest challenges.

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